15 Minutes of Fame


The Internet is a crazy place. My “Oh, Snap!” post was quoted in a Nieman Lab article about the new Snapchat update! I feel so lucky to be quoted, by name no less, on such a respected news source.


Had I known I was going to be quoted by the Neiman Lab I probably would have written a little more eloquently. But hey, I guess that goes to show you that you should think about everything you post on the Internet because you never know who is going to see it. Lesson learned.

For those of you who don’t know the Nieman Journalism Lab is “an attempt to help journalism figure out its future in an Internet age.” The website is associated with Harvard and is followed by journalists nationwide.

That’s right, I said Harvard. I was quoted by Harvard. Yes, I’m still in shock.

I can’t say I did it on my own, however. This wouldn’t have been possible if my professor, John Robinson, had not tweeted links to me and my other classmates’ articles about Snapchat Discovery. It also doesn’t hurt that he is good friends with Joshua Benton, who runs the lab.


Either way, this was definitely the most exciting email I have gotten in a while.




Oh, Snap!


Sorry, I couldn’t resist the pun. But have you guys gotten the new Snapchat update? It’s HUGE.

It was just released earlier today, and the Internet has been buzzing about it ever since, so of course I had to add my two cents.

I did a project on Snapchat’s advertising last semester, and ever since I spent so much time learning about what they had done – which was very minimal at the time – I have been extremely interested and weirdly proud of everything they have done in the last couple of months. I knew from my research they had the potential to do something big, and I knew it wouldn’t take them long to launch it, but I still can’t believe it’s here!

It has definitely changed the game. Snapchat has the potential to be a real-time YouTube, and this app definitely capitalizes on that. It’s hard to say yet, but I think this update will really validate Snapchat as a media source and social media. I’m still amazed that they could fit all of this content into one app.

My only complaint is that this updated has made the app a lot more complicated, so it has been a little bit of a struggle transitioning to the new layout. But I know after a day or two I’ll stop accidentally clicking on the “Chat” button when I’m really just trying to switch back and forth between the camera and the “Stories” page.

Maybe having the news right here will help me to finally put some health in my media diet. But I do admit, I have only viewed the Cosmopolitan one, but here’s to hoping!



Predicting the Future


When I was younger and in elementary school I always dreamed that there would be a way to not have to go to school, but still learn. I dreamed up in my head a drive through where students would drive under an archway that would transmit that day’s lesson into their minds without having to spend the whole day at school.

At the time, this was just me being young and lazy, and daydreaming of a way to get out of ever going to school. But now, as a senior in college, I’m realizing that this dream may one day be a reality.

An article by Lee Rainer and Janna Anderson summarized what digital life may look like in 2025, and to my surprise they listed that people could have things linked to the internet inside of their bodies and that learning will be transformed. These two concepts combined suddenly make my elementary school daydreams seem feasible.

If only I was born a couple decades later and could take advantage of it…

xo, Emma

First Times The Charm

I have wanted to try blogging for a while now, so I was excited that SMJ 240 required me to create a blog and post several times a week. Although I was a little bummed at first that I had to write posts strictly related to media, I realized that this still allows me to write about almost anything. The world is so interconnected now that almost every subject ties back to media and technology, even shopping.

The Internet makes being a girl so much easier. Why you ask? One word – reviews.

If you are curious about a product or clothing item, you can almost always find somebody that has not only tried it, but has also given advice about the quality and/or performance. Internet reviews have completely changed the way I shop now. When I am online shopping I find myself sorting items by highest customer review, so I can be assured it is a quality item.

Not only do I do this, but now – instead of asking the advice of someone at a store – I do my own research about different products before I go to the store. There are so many choices that, no matter what I am in the market for, I can’t fully commit to something until I know that it is the best choice for me. Even if I plan to purchase it in store, I will find the best product and then go to the store that has it and purchase it.


Just recently, I was in the market for a new product to add to my skincare routine. I have wanted to try the new GlamGlow face mask that is all the rage now, but it is so expensive I wanted to see if there were any cheaper alternatives. I quickly discovered, after reading many reviews and comparison blog posts, that Origins’ Clear Improvement seemed to work just as well for a fraction of the price. ($69 for just over 1 oz. compared to $25 for 3.5 oz. – it was a no brainer) So I decided to give that a try instead and went to Sephora to purchase it.

Communication isn’t the only thing that has gone from “one to many”, to “many to many.” Shopping has followed the same pattern. This new environment also makes shoppers much more educated about their purchasers, meaning people have become smarter shoppers. Products have to live up to their expectations because customers can communicate their opinions to other shoppers. If a business doesn’t put out things that consumers like, they will lose business very quickly because other consumers will learn to avoid the product.

 Just some food for thought for the next time you find yourself online shopping.

xo, Emma

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The internet is awesome not only for helping us keep our friends and family close, but also opening our minds and teaching us new things. Often times I get so caught up checking social media and keeping tabs on what my friends are up to, I forget that the Internet is so much more than that. The internet is a fount of knowledge. I’ve decided to do a #FunFactFriday in celebration of this and to maybe help at least a few people learn something new.

I can’t take credit for discovering this one alone – my boyfriend is an avid reddit-er and shared this fact with me. Apparently there is a totally logical and rational reason for pimps wearing a lot of flashy jewelry.


Pimps will pile on bling purchased from pawn shops so if they get arrested they can re-pawn then for bail money. Cash is confiscated upon arrest, but jewelry is not.

Mind. Blown.

Perfectly logical and rational, amiright?

Click HERE to see the original TIL (Today I Learned) post on reddit!


Have a good weekend, ya’ll!

xo, Emma

Work AND Play


We all admittedly spend a significant amount of our free time checking social media. And many of us even procrastinate on work or an assignment in favor of checking Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. I am particularly guilty of spending a large part of my day on Instagram. It’s the first thing I do in the morning and the last thing I do at night. It is by far my favorite social media, not only does it let me stay connected to friends; it also helps me discover many new and exciting brands, companies, and bloggers.

I actually just got my current job through Instagram. I started following Brand XYZ*, a brand sold at several boutiques I frequent, on Instagram months ago. One day I noticed a post from them saying they were hiring, and although I had no idea what the position would be, I emailed them anyway. I still didn’t know what I was getting myself into when I went to the interview, but I immediately fell in love with the company and I have loved every single day at work.

Which brings me to the point that if we are spending so much of our time on social media, so should brands and businesses. Social media allows brands to develop a personality and allow people to develop relationships with brands. In other words, brands can advertise and reach customers in a space they seek out and spend a lot of time on. Customers see advertisements and do not even realize it, and because of this they absorb the content like crazy.

I am a firm believer that social media, particularly Instagram, is an invaluable resource to brands today. Although I discovered my current job though the company’s Instagram, they do not utilize it nearly as much as they should. Although they are successful, I know how much more successful they could be if they capitalized on all of the resources available.

Once you consider this perspective spending tons of time on Instagram starts to seem a lot more like work and less like play. Suddenly people aren’t wasting time – they are forming connections and promoting their brand. But this wouldn’t have been possible if people weren’t spending their time on social sites.

xo, Emma

*Real name isn’t used to preserve privacy.

Diet Dilemmas


It’s January and it seems like you can’t go anywhere without hearing advertisements for gym memberships and seeing magazine covers plastered with tips to help you get the body of your dreams. While this buzz will slowly decline as the year goes on and New Year’s Resolutions fade back into old habits, I want to take this time to discuss another kind of diet, my media diet.

My very first assignment in my Current Events in Mass Media class was to document all of our media consumption for two days, and then reflect on our findings in a short essay. I’ve done assignments like these before about various aspects of my life, and I always find it interesting to see everything listed out where I can look at it objectively. For this assignment I wasn’t shocked by what I recorded in the slightest, I am well aware that I spend way too much time on Instagram every day. What I was shocked by was what wasn’t in my media diet: news. Also, I confess to being the one who said they should be kicked out of the journalism school.

From my reflection:

The first thing that immediately stands out after doing this assignment is that I did not look at the news at all in these two days. I spend a lot of time on social media, and sometimes I do get some news from that, but I never seek out and look at news. This is definitely a weakness of mine, and I should probably have been kicked out of the j-school for it.

What is saddest is that I believe I am a pretty well informed person. And I am, but not about stuff that truly matters.

Most of the time if someone asks me if I’ve heard about some current event my answer is almost always no, and then they provide me with a synopsis of what happened and then I consider myself informed. Sometimes I get tidbits of information through Facebook, Instagram, or Snapchat, but never anything that great or substantial. Twitter is a growing news source, but my Twitter use has dwindled down to nothing. Well maybe not nothing, I do use it to see my sorority’s meal menu for the week. That counts – right?

The worst part is that I was somewhat aware of how out of touch I am with what is going on around me, but yet I have little desire to do anything about it. So am I a terrible person and a disgrace to my school? Or is this a fairly normal for people my age? (I’m 22). I’m holding on to danah boyd’s statements that first, she sees “no indication that this generation is more or less engaged with hard news than previous generations,” and secondly, that teens pay attention to whatever flows past them.

So is it my own fault for being ill-informed, or is it the media’s fault because their content isn’t being put in front of me. It would be nice to place the blame on someone else, but I know that I have done this to myself. All the information is out there, I just refuse to seek it out. Sigh.

So, my mid-January New Year’s Resolution is to try to be more informed. Let’s hope this resolution is one that actually sticks!

product_thumbnail.phpxo Emma