The internet is awesome not only for helping us keep our friends and family close, but also opening our minds and teaching us new things. Often times I get so caught up checking social media and keeping tabs on what my friends are up to, I forget that the Internet is so much more than that. The internet is a fount of knowledge. I’ve decided to do a #FunFactFriday in celebration of this and to maybe help at least a few people learn something new.

I can’t take credit for discovering this one alone – my boyfriend is an avid reddit-er and shared this fact with me. Apparently there is a totally logical and rational reason for pimps wearing a lot of flashy jewelry.


Pimps will pile on bling purchased from pawn shops so if they get arrested they can re-pawn then for bail money. Cash is confiscated upon arrest, but jewelry is not.

Mind. Blown.

Perfectly logical and rational, amiright?

Click HERE to see the original TIL (Today I Learned) post on reddit!


Have a good weekend, ya’ll!

xo, Emma


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