First Times The Charm

I have wanted to try blogging for a while now, so I was excited that SMJ 240 required me to create a blog and post several times a week. Although I was a little bummed at first that I had to write posts strictly related to media, I realized that this still allows me to write about almost anything. The world is so interconnected now that almost every subject ties back to media and technology, even shopping.

The Internet makes being a girl so much easier. Why you ask? One word – reviews.

If you are curious about a product or clothing item, you can almost always find somebody that has not only tried it, but has also given advice about the quality and/or performance. Internet reviews have completely changed the way I shop now. When I am online shopping I find myself sorting items by highest customer review, so I can be assured it is a quality item.

Not only do I do this, but now – instead of asking the advice of someone at a store – I do my own research about different products before I go to the store. There are so many choices that, no matter what I am in the market for, I can’t fully commit to something until I know that it is the best choice for me. Even if I plan to purchase it in store, I will find the best product and then go to the store that has it and purchase it.


Just recently, I was in the market for a new product to add to my skincare routine. I have wanted to try the new GlamGlow face mask that is all the rage now, but it is so expensive I wanted to see if there were any cheaper alternatives. I quickly discovered, after reading many reviews and comparison blog posts, that Origins’ Clear Improvement seemed to work just as well for a fraction of the price. ($69 for just over 1 oz. compared to $25 for 3.5 oz. – it was a no brainer) So I decided to give that a try instead and went to Sephora to purchase it.

Communication isn’t the only thing that has gone from “one to many”, to “many to many.” Shopping has followed the same pattern. This new environment also makes shoppers much more educated about their purchasers, meaning people have become smarter shoppers. Products have to live up to their expectations because customers can communicate their opinions to other shoppers. If a business doesn’t put out things that consumers like, they will lose business very quickly because other consumers will learn to avoid the product.

 Just some food for thought for the next time you find yourself online shopping.

xo, Emma

*Image originally posted by Capitol Hill Style*


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