Predicting the Future


When I was younger and in elementary school I always dreamed that there would be a way to not have to go to school, but still learn. I dreamed up in my head a drive through where students would drive under an archway that would transmit that day’s lesson into their minds without having to spend the whole day at school.

At the time, this was just me being young and lazy, and daydreaming of a way to get out of ever going to school. But now, as a senior in college, I’m realizing that this dream may one day be a reality.

An article by Lee Rainer and Janna Anderson summarized what digital life may look like in 2025, and to my surprise they listed that people could have things linked to the internet inside of their bodies and that learning will be transformed. These two concepts combined suddenly make my elementary school daydreams seem feasible.

If only I was born a couple decades later and could take advantage of it…

xo, Emma


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