Oh, Snap!


Sorry, I couldn’t resist the pun. But have you guys gotten the new Snapchat update? It’s HUGE.

It was just released earlier today, and the Internet has been buzzing about it ever since, so of course I had to add my two cents.

I did a project on Snapchat’s advertising last semester, and ever since I spent so much time learning about what they had done – which was very minimal at the time – I have been extremely interested and weirdly proud of everything they have done in the last couple of months. I knew from my research they had the potential to do something big, and I knew it wouldn’t take them long to launch it, but I still can’t believe it’s here!

It has definitely changed the game. Snapchat has the potential to be a real-time YouTube, and this app definitely capitalizes on that. It’s hard to say yet, but I think this update will really validate Snapchat as a media source and social media. I’m still amazed that they could fit all of this content into one app.

My only complaint is that this updated has made the app a lot more complicated, so it has been a little bit of a struggle transitioning to the new layout. But I know after a day or two I’ll stop accidentally clicking on the “Chat” button when I’m really just trying to switch back and forth between the camera and the “Stories” page.

Maybe having the news right here will help me to finally put some health in my media diet. But I do admit, I have only viewed the Cosmopolitan one, but here’s to hoping!




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