Budweiser Bummer


I resisted the early release of this year’s Budweiser puppy Super-Bowl commercial so I wouldn’t spoil the surprise and I could see it in full glory on Sunday. When the time finally came, I was so excited. From what I had seen people say about it on Facebook I had really high expectations

Thirty seconds later I was left with deep emotions, but unfortunately they were feelings of disappointment. Certainly not the gut-wrenching, sad turned happy tears I had anticipated. I read that it was an emotional roller coaster – but I didn’t even feel like I finished watching the safety video.

What was that? And was it just me?

I am normally a very sentimental and emotional person, and have definitely shed a few tears over a couple of commercials, but this year Budweiser left me dry-eyed. My friends proclaimed that I was “cold-hearted,” however I vehemently disagree.

I do believe that Budweiser, not me, is at fault this year. In my opinion, they completely failed to convey any danger or hardship. A muddy puppy in the rain? That sounds like my dogs every single time it rains.


And the wolf? They never even showed it in the same frame as the puppy. It’s hard to evoke fear when you don’t see the puppy in the wolf’s grasp.


Okay, well maybe they did show it in one frame, it was so quickly that it barely counted.

I never once feared for that puppy’s life and I can’t be the only one who felt that way.

xo, Emma


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