Love Your Body

In class this past week we discussed sex and gender in the media, and how women in particular are portrayed.

I definitely believe that women should be respected, treated as equals, and portrayed accurately. However, I do not necessarily agree that we need to stop showing revealing images of the female body.


I think we need to celebrate the female – and male – body, not hide it. People should feel comfortable in their skin and not feel such taboo towards the human body. We should not be ashamed of our figures because they are beautiful and should be celebrated. A woman should be able to show that to the world and not be thought less of for it or just feel sexualized.

Saying that showing a woman’s body devalues her or turns her into an object blames a woman for being who she is. Marble sculptures are seen as exquisite art, why should a copy be more valuable than an original?


If I looked like this I would want to walk around half naked all the time, too. Women should be free to embrace their bodies in any way they like. It shouldn’t be about looking a certain way, but for excepting everyone for their flaws and celebrate individualism.

It shouldn’t be about being skinny or being plus-sized. There shouldn’t just be two acceptable ideas of appearance.

Emma vanBree


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