Why Distrusting The Media Is Actually A Good Thing

In one of my classes today we discussed the fact that trust in the media is declining.


As shown in this chart, mass media has become significantly less trustworthy over the last few decades. And while we discussed things like bias, reputation and possible solutions that would help media gain trust back – I don’t think that this is something we should be worried about. In fact, I think declining trust is a great sign.

Why? Because if we trust the media less and less, that means we are starting to think for ourselves more and not just blindly believing the first thing we are told. Now, instead of taking on the opinion of  Fox News (gasp!), MSNBC, CNN, The NY Times, or any other big name news source, we read and compare multiple sources and form opinions for ourselves.

I know every time I see breaking news that I want to know more details about, I will look at many stories from various different sources and piece together what seems to have happen from all of the facts I’ve gathered. As someone mentioned in class, if she sees something America has published concerning another country, she’ll check that countries news sources to get their side of the story, too.

So is the media really getting less credible, or are consumers just getting smarter and more savvy? I’d argue the latter any day.

Emma vanBree


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