LOL, but actually

Making somebody genuinely laugh  can be a lot harder than it l seems. If the timing, tone, or delivery is slightly off, a hysterical moment could be completely lost. Not to mention that there is huge variation as to what people find funny.

Don’t get me wrong, I do think the dirty jokes that are prevalent in today’s media, according to Tala, are really funny. However, I disagree that sexual innuendos and other vulgar jokes are dominating today’s comedy scene. Maybe it’s just because I generally find real-life scenarios funnier than something that is unbelievable or far-out, but I do think there is plenty of pretty wholesome entertainment that is extremely funny and not specific to younger generations.


I have been watching a lot of Parks & Recreation lately and I don’t think I’ve ever found a television show to be this continuously funny. There are some episodes that are funnier than the next, of course, but even the slower ones make me laugh more than anything else will in a day.

The humor isn’t gross, vulgar, or overtly sexual. The characters are so diverse that I would bet that it is impossible for any person of any age to find at least one of the characters funny.


Aziz Ansari brings in the current themes and jokes that the younger generations would understand.


Ron Swanson is the manly-man that appeals to men and women a like across all ages.


Andy provides the dumb, slap-stick humor.

And this is only a few of the characters. There are also many women on the show who are equally hysterical, I just didn’t include them in my quick humor break-down because they don’t fit one type of humor as closely as some of the men do.

With that said, I think everybody should binge-watch Parks & Recreation on Netflix and rejoice in the fact that our society isn’t as dirty and twisted as we think. And go ahead and tell your parents about the show, too. I’m sure that they’d find it just as funny as you do. Treat yo self.

Emma vanBree



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