An Argument for Increased Surveillance

I strongly dislike the idea of anyone being able to watch my every move, whether in real life or on the Internet. However a recent event involving my sister has caused me to rethink my ideas of security, particularly in public.

A couple weeks ago, my sister was hit by a car while she was on her moped and the driver of the car that hit her left the scene. The car had been trailing closely behind her, and when he/she tried to pass her he/she ran her off the road and hit her from the side. And because there were no traffic cameras that could have captured the license plate, there is nothing the police can do to try to catch the driver. Which means that this careless person has been allowed to go about their business with no consequences, while my sister has had to take some time from school and have many doctors visits to make sure that she is okay.

Thankfully she didn’t sustain any major injuries, but it still hurts me that the person that did this has been able to get off scot-free.

This has led me to believe that having surveillance cameras on roads might bring more good than harm. I don’t think that this video feed should all be monitored or that data should be extrapolated from it to track people. However I do not see anything wrong with a video feed that gets deleted after a few hours that is only consulted when there is an accident.

Not only would this prevent people from getting away with fleeing the scene of accidents, it would clear up any confusion of who caused a more major accident if there is a lot of dispute.

After being personally affected by this issue, I think that the pros more than outweigh the cons. If a little camera could prevent anyone from escaping justice, I’m all for it.

Emma vanBree


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