Cut the Loop

I follow a lot of bloggers on Instagram and lately there has been a trend of ‘Loop Giveaways.” These giveaways are basically where a group of bloggers or shop owners team up and pool their money together to get a several hundred dollar gift cards some kind of designer item, iPad, or any other high ticket item. They then all post a picture announcing the giveaway. To enter you have to like the picture, and then click to see the person who is tagged in the picture in your feed and go to their page and follow them and like their picture. This continues until the ‘loop’ is completed and you get back to the person whose picture you liked first.

These are a great way for new bloggers or shop owners to get more followers and it is an easy way for me and everyone else on Instagram to have a chance to win something cool. So when these first started popping up I entered almost every single one of them, because – hey, why not!

I am a huge Instagram fan and check it more times per day than I can even count or would care to admit. To me it is almost a sacred space filled with people who I care about and am interested, and also things that inspire me. It is a very creative space.

This is where my hatred for the giveaways comes in. Even though I followed a lot of people or brands I don’t know, I still knew who they were. After entering a lot of giveaways, my timeline is full of people and things I not only don’t know – but also don’t really like. They’ve turned Instagram from a haven to somewhere I barely recognize.

Now this is easily fixable by going and unfollowing people, but that takes a lot of effort and I don’t want to unfollow someone on accident that I actually like. So even though I have the chance to win huge prizes simply by liking and following people, I’ve given that up simply because I hate having my timeline cluttered with people I don’t care about.

I do have to admit that as I’m typing this it sounds crazy that I’d rather pass up a chance to win $600 to keep my Instagram the way I want it, but it’s true. Instagram means that much to me.

Emma vanBree


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