Live Stream Lies

Periscope and Meerkat launched recently as a way to live stream your everyday life. While both work with Twitter, Twitter recently acquired Periscope and has been trying to promote it while simultaneously squashing Meerkat. They both serve the same purpose and are hoping to become the new social media – the ultimate way to share your life with your friends.

It sounded to me like Snapchat minus the best part of Snapchat – being able to watch things on your own time. Yes, you only have 24 hours, but you can find a few moments in that time to view something. Periscope and Meerkat require you to watch something as it is happening, and once its over its over. Apparently you can save a post, but you have to have been watching to be able to do that.

While I appreciate the effort to come up with something new, I feel like what makes these apps different will be exactly why they fail. They’re live streaming, you can only see what’s going on while you are on the app, and that also means you probably have to pick and choose what you view as well. People don’t even watch scheduled TV as much, so why would anyone think they’d be willing to tune into this app to maybe catch their friends do something cool? I don’t want to be glued to the app all the time simply waiting for something to happen.

Snapchat has a good thing figured out. They figured out the semi-live streaming, and these two new apps just seem to be ripping off their idea. I expect these apps to fade away as quickly as they came on the market. In the end I feel like this will end up being a great thing for Snapchat and will make it a more respected medium. I think people will take a few looks at these new apps and realize what they really want is something that Snapchat has already offered up.

Emma vanBree


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