Breaking Up is Hard To Do

The Internet and social media is a great way to stay in touch with people’s lives and share your own. However, sometimes life events make you resent the level of publicity in your life.

To be completely honest, I recently got out of a pretty long relationship. And I have been (unpleasantly) surprised about how many extra steps I’ve had to take because of social media. These days things definitely aren’t as easy as just returning and reclaiming some belongings.

That is obviously the first step, or at least was for me. But what was even harder was making the changes on social media, there are so many little details you don’t think about until you are forced too.

Thankfully we didn’t have our relationship status on Facebook, so that saved me from one thing, but so many people do these days. It seems like such a great idea at the time, but I don’t think that the excitement is ever worth the processing of having to change from ‘In A Relationship’ to ‘Single.’ Just thinking about it is uncomfortable.

The other main thing is profile pictures, and just pictures in general. Realizing I had to change my profile pictures was an unpleasant dose of reality, made even more unsavory by the fact that I didn’t have a picture that I really wanted to use. Searching your Facebook and phone for a new profile picture is a very depressing experience. On the same note, so are all the pictures I decided to post on Facebook and Instagram recently. It’s weird that these happy moments are still very fresh on all my feeds, but are a far cry from the current state of things. Deleting them seems wrong, because they happened, it would just be nice they could be filed away somewhere where they didn’t have to be center stage.

Generally, I love social media. However, sometimes it seems more like an enemy than a friend.

Emma vanBree

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