Expanding Your Horizons

I had to do a project on Snapchat last semester where I just had to gather all the information about the app and the ability to advertise on it. It was fascinating because it was a very new platform and even while we were working on the project things were changing and growing. That project not only taught me all about Snapchat, but made me realize the potential it has.

Almost all of my friends and people my age use Snapchat to not only send ugly selfies to our friends, but also to share bits and pieces of our days. It’s sometimes funny, sometimes pretty or envy-inducing, but it is always real.

It seemed to me like something that would only be between me and my close friends, however “Our Story” showed me the potential Snapchat had to allow people to see first-hand glimpses into world events and other peoples’ lives.

Lately, I’ve noticed a lot of the bloggers I follow on Instagram have started mentioning their Snapchat accounts and suggesting all their followers follow along with them on it. I have added a couple of them that I am most intrigued by to see what more they share about their real life on Snapchat.

It has been interesting to see several moments throughout their day and hear their voices, something that definitely doesn’t come through on Instagram. Although it has been a change to have people I don’t know show up amongst my friends’ stories, it has been interesting to see glimpses into other people’s lives.

I firmly believe that Snapchat is live version of YouTube. By growing your friends on Snapchat through who you follow on different social media you have unique, always changing content on it that is constantly being updated.

I never thought that I would be friends with anyone I didn’t know personally on Snapchat, but now that I have seen what that looks like (aka it’s not all ugly selfies) it has really opened up my mind and further strengthened my belief in Snapchat as a medium.

Emma vanBree


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