Down the Rabbit Hole

Last night I finally made the jump from a  PC to a brand-new, shiny Macbook Pro. I got my HP computer before coming to college and other than the fact that I had to replace the hard drive once (which surprisingly only cost 50 bucks) and a few scares that turned out to just be overheating, I really loved the computer. However this year it just started to quite literally fall apart at the seams.


I never dropped it or mistreated it, but one day the joint cover came loose and after a few months it turned into this. But seeing as having a computer these days, especially as a student, is 100% necessary and my PC was a ticking time bomb, my mom generously let me go ahead and update as a little early graduation present.

While I do feel like I have sold out a little bit by getting a Mac, I know that I will not regret it because they are unarguably the best computers out there. Even though I am still in the adjustment phase, I think my new computer and I will become the best of friends in no time.

However, I do feel like I’ve started down a slippery slope of connectedness. Before my laptop was a laptop and my phone was a phone, now they can communicate together seamlessly. My photos automatically load onto my computer – I no longer have to email them to myself or plug in my computer. And even more dangerous is that my messages automatically come to my computer now. If I put my phone away during class, I will still be just as connected as I was if I was on my phone the whole time. While it is undoubtedly convenient, it is equally frightening.

The whole impending reality of the Internet of Things now seems very real to me in a way it hadn’t before. If a phone and computer, and any other Apple device you have (cough cough, Apple watch) can work together, it really isn’t far fetched at all to make the mental leap to all things being connected. While it seems even more real now, that makes it even more frightening. As we continue down this path we could lose our ability to think for ourselves because we have become so dependent on the smartness and connectedness of devices.

Emma vanBree


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