E.I. E.I…. Uh Oh


I saw Nelly this weekend at the Azalea Festival in Wilmington and it had been a few months since I’ve gone to a concert. While it was great to see Nelly live after listening to his music for so many years, it was crazy to see how many people hold up their phones at concerts now. I had forgotten how much the landscape has changed, from people just having their hands in the air, to hands interspersed with the bright light of phone screens.

I do have to admit that I was guilty as well, Snapchatting and recording several of my favorite songs. While I didn’t want to be on my phone the whole time and not really get to enjoy the actual concert, it was a once in a lifetime event (most likely) and I wanted to be able to relive some of the moments again later.

Nothing really highlights this generation’s phone dependency quite like a concert – when the phone screens shine brightly in comparison to the darkness. Everyone can admit that they are on your phone too much, but its hard to see how prevalent this tendency really is until you are in a large group of people. When you are surrounded by hundreds or thousands of people and you see how many of them are using their phones at once this point is driven home further. It’s like a real life infographic.

It’s such a delicate balance between capturing and sharing moments with friends (and then keeping up with what your friends are doing) and living through our phone screen. With as advanced and engaging as technology has become, it truly does become harder and harder to maintain a balance between digital and real life. Although we can all admit to getting caught up in it a little bit, when you have moments like these everything suddenly gets put into perspective. Whether its a concert or out to dinner with friends, moments occur when you realize how much time you spend focused on a screen and you know that you can’t let yourself be completely sucked in to this vicious cycle quite yet.

Emma vanBree


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